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We adapt your organization to the requirements of the new way of working. We leverage digital signage, meetingroom solutions and room + desk booking to transform our clients into true digital organizations. Make use of our FREE Workspace Check-up!

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Wireless presenting & video conferencing

With dramatic changes in how and where people work, video conferencing has become a business imperative. Our affordable solutions bring the power of video to every workspace. Whether your team is in the office, working from home, or a hybrid of both, our selected tools offer superior audiovisual quality and feature smart software that makes using them easy. Don’t hesitate to request a demonstration. You can also download our meeting room offerings.


Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM)

BYOM is a natural extension of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), as it allows people to use the conferencing platform, they are most effective with. Given the improvement this makes to personal and group productivity, it is the next strategic step for personal empowerment and collaboration. Unless every organization moves to the same conferencing platform, a BYOM solution like Barco Clickshare is the only practical approach for enterprises to adopt. Ask us for a demonstration in our showroom or learn more about Barco Clickshare.


Room- & deskbooking

The future workplace is a flexible office where smart technologies (software and hardware) are applied to improve comfort, efficiency, and productivity amongst employees. It also helps you understand their behaviour. Smart office solutions provide insights, security, and access to relevant information. We selected one platform that combines best of all worlds: it’s easy to use, affordable and scalable. You can start with one module f.e. deskbooking and add a digital reception or roombooking module at a later point in time. Check out our room- & deskbooking offerings.


Parking management, catering services, visitor registration and more!

Can I simply book a parking space for a specific date / time? Yes you can, book it directly from the calendar or the interactive floor plan in the mobile app, there is also an online portal. Use the app to find your booked parking place as soon as you arrive and check-in. You can also link parking spaces to external visitors or certain meeting participants. The same goes for catering services and external visitors. What makes this unique is that all of these modules are part of one sleek cloud platform. Check out the full platform.

Whether you are looking for a modern meetingroom, room- & deskbooking or corporate digital signage … we got you covered.

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In a nutshell

Advice and consulting

Our approach is anchored in customer success. Instead of starting with technology, we cooperate to examine your needs, wants, and spaces before we design a proposition.

Concept and design

We made a selection of solutions and products that fits all. Keeping in mind best-in-class audio and video experiences while keeping things affordable, scalable and easy to use. We strive to be a leading partner with the world’s top vendors to deliver the best choice of solutions for your business.

Development and implementation

Regardless of project size, we support every part of the process from start to finish (including post-installation management), to ensure a lasting harmony between the solutions we provide and the people who use them.

Helpdesk & onsite support

We know technology can be an unruly companion. That is why our team of experts is ready to sort your problems both proactively and reactively, wherever you are. We are available 24/7 with our 0800 helpdesk and provide 5/7 onsite support. You can reach us by phone, email, video, or by completing a form.

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