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Digitopia is offering you a complete service package to create and manage your digital signage experience: from concept creation and design to implementation and ongoing support. We are happy when you are satisfied.

Strategic map

The first step into our journey is to get a clear understanding of your objectives, requirements and target audience. We help you in defining the right solution and approach in order to reach your goals. Our experience supports you in defining the right solutions, applications and content to get the required results.

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Content plan and creation

Who is your audience? What kind of messages do you want to bring? Which are the different touchpoints we can use? …

Based on your input, with our knowledge and know how, we craft a concept and content plan reflecting your needs. Our in-house creative team is ready for you to create the content with the highest impact. We monitor and measure the impact along the project and make adjustments until you are fully satisfied. Do you want to be master of your own content? No problem, we can guide you to get the best results out of it.

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The numbers tell the tale


We have built up extensive knowledge and experience in offering the right tools to make sure your digital solutions are effective and result driven. We are an independent service company, working closely together with different external partners. As we act ‘vendor-neutral’, we can support you in deploying the best technologies, hardware and applications for your specific requirement. As a market leader we offer you the best quality for the best price.

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Field Management & support

Do not worry about implementations and support. We carry out all your roll-outs with our expert field engineers, on time, on budget!

A perfect installation starts with a good preparation: a technical prospection on site. As all installations are done by Digitopia staff, we are equipped with the necessary experience to handle all aspects of an installation such as: mounting, cabling, electricity & UTP. Our standard service is to finish an installation in maximum one day.We guarantee a close follow up by implementing a pro-active monitoring of the platform, the network and the connectivity and this up to an individual level of 1 screen in 1 location! Digitopia’s 24/7 technical support desk can be consulted for technical as well as graphical requests. The full process of monitoring and repair is managed through DGT Dynamics, including the ticketing.

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Content is king! So make sure, your Content Management System performs anytime! Digitopia developped an in house and state of the art CMS system: DGT Dynamics.

DGT Dynamics is a simple, powerful yet elegant in-house content management system that allows us and our clients to manage multimedia projects from A to Z. DGT Dynamics is completely scalable for use, stand-alone units to hundreds of players and locations. The platform allows to easily integrate content and applications.

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Analysis & measurement

Digitopia is result driven and wants to deliver upon its promises. We are going the extra mile enabling you to get the results you want to achieve with digital solutions. Next to delivering you a standard reporting tool about the effectiveness of your solutions, we can offer you an in house expert who can help you to optimise your digital solutions: by field visits, analysing reporting and KPI’s, test cases, academic benchmarks and lots of know how. We want you to grow to the next level!

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Digital signage is so much more than just an animated screen. In order to get the maximum result, a clear strategy and detailed approach is required. With 10 years and more of experience, we can advise you on the best solution, content and service, for your individual case. We offer you all our insights to ensure an efficient and effective digital signage experience, fulfilling your needs and requirements. Strategic thinking, project consultancy, detailed analysis or trainings, … our advice is your partner!

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