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Our very first encounter with Beaulieu was immediately a challenge: how could we ensure the cost of the exhibition floor was reduced while ensuring no negative impact on product demonstration.

We took this blank canvas and developed the fully customised Interactive Grass Catalogue. A harmonious fusion of analogue sample cards, digital information/inspiration, and innovative wireless technology.

Not only did we develop this concept in terms of technology, we also took responsibility for the design and manufacture of the furniture in which the technology was housed. We had to take account of the shapes and colours within the Beaulieu concept, and the system needed robust flexibility to be able to move from fair to fair.

This assignment resulted in us hitting the bull’s eye, and the delivered results were brilliant. This combined with the outstanding human and project-based click ensured we were able to systematically roll out the signage screens at all Beaulieu locations as far afield as the USA and Russia. The signage screens are used for welcoming visitors and providing information to employees.

Why Digitopia?

We have shown that we are literally at home in all markets and that we have both the knowledge and creativity in-house to create something spectacular while paying attention to budget.

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Fully customised based on RFID Technology
Including development and furniture, all done by us
Signage for all departments around the world is managed from Belgium

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