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Interactive experience for Beer Lovers

Beerhive main - BEERHIVE / Prick & Tik

Beerhive is, by nature, a mobile application for Beer Lovers.
You can discover similar beers using 160 different taste parameters and the tasting notes provided by peers.  As an extension of the mobile app, you will find a central database on the kiosk that shows the available beers per location.

With its compact yet striking size, the Beerhive kiosk can be used very easily in any location that people want to learn more about beer; drinks outlets, restaurants, trade fairs, etc.

The kiosk not only offers customers a fun, interactive experience to discover everything they want to know about a certain beer, it also gives sales teams insight into what their customers are looking for so they can respond later.

There is also an area on the screen for commercial/information messages to be displayed; and these can either be sponsored or not, or in consultation with partners.

Why Digitopia?

We started thinking creatively upon seeing the application: how can we package, market and service it. We went from a rough diamond to a ready-made solution with all the trimmings. The main message that came out was that just having “a screen” with “an application” is not enough to achieve a successful working result.


Combination of digital signage and the interactive Beerhive application
Good interactive software only comes into its own when combined with a good medium
One central system, 37 individual kiosks

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