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BMW BXL main - BMW Brussels

As one of the largest concessions in Belgium, BMW Brussels uses the full power of digital signage.

On the one hand, there are mood and information screens that show general information. In addition, the compact car kiosks dynamically provide customers with all the car information they need. (BMW-Group case with more detail)

The large kiosks provide access to global catalogues, in-stock cars, premium cars, event registration forms, etc. in combination with signage images.

When you pick up your new car, screen showing your car is shown and general images are removed, congratulations are offered, and there is a film of the car in question.

We also built a tailor-made solution to offer the customer QR codes that take them to all the information they need about a car, including a full 3D experience of the vehicle and the entire showroom.

BMW BXL image1 - BMW Brussels
BMW BXL image2 - BMW Brussels


Interactive signage on small and large touchscreens
Tailor-made software that links to data sources
Screens in the collection area for new cars that offer a real personal touch

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