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BMW-Group Belgium-Luxembourg was looking for a cost-effective way to digitise their showroom. First, by using an interactive medium to replace the classic paper information carriers with details about the car and CO2 emissions. This was part of a quest for digitisation and uniformity across the network. The result was the interactive 22” BMW totem.

The whole thing not only had to be durable and affordable, it also had to be very easy to use so that it was a pleasure for the concessions and not a burden.

With the completely self-developed dashboard, dealers can very quickly configure a car and then link it to a totem. Everything else runs fully automatically, and the customer can go on a journey of discovery via the totem:

  • It can show appropriate films and images – In-stock cars of that model – Legally required dynamic CO2 sheet – Catalogue – Financing – Price and options of the car

Each totem also has a QR code in the application. Scanning this takes the digital experience to the customer’s smartphone, with additional options becoming available such as playing extra videos or sound fragments of the sporty M models.

Corona demands flexibility regarding the safe reception of customers. For this, a separate appointment module is being designed for reception totems. (There are currently 10 in use)

BMW STELE image2 - BMW
BMW STELE image3 - BMW


100% Digital
Links with internal and external data sources
Tailor-made software with signage incorporated

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