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Started in 2009, bpost has been relying on Digitopia’s signage expertise for more than 10 years. It all started with one or more screens per office, and has evolved over time with new requirements. We are currently responsible for the management of 599 screens in 434 offices, as well as the head office in La Monnaie in Brussels.

Our multi-zone technology displays Q-matic queue information on the screens without the need for additional infrastructure (and budget).

The multi-screen concept, in which 2 screens sometimes play content on each screen, and sometimes across the screens, was also introduced over the years.

To support corona-safe accessibility of buildings, a number of offices were recently equipped with access control.  Large screens at the entrance make it very easy for customers to see whether they can or cannot enter the office.

In addition to the bpost and bpost bank offices, we also manage the screens at bpost HQ in Brussels and bpost stamps in Mechelen.


Scaled up numbers and technology over the years
Targeted proof-of-concept determines what will or will not reach the offices
Multi-zone technology

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