Visibility in the streets through shop window screens

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Crelan is the new bank resulting from the merger of Landbouwkrediet and Centea.

Together with a new name, a new communication and brand experience was also developed in which digitalization and customer experience are central. Digital communication on screens is an important part of this.

Crelan has two major objectives with this project:

On the one hand, they want to get rid of the classic and old-fashioned posters in the shop windows through digitalization.

On the other hand, they want more customer experience in the office.

The focus of this project is entirely on the right experience through window displays to “give the offices more charisma”.

DGT Studio makes this project a real “content-innovation” project. Together with the marketing team of Crelan, we tackle the question: How to convert the campaigns delivered by the agency (paper) into a good and efficient screen communication, considering the context of the office, the screen and the passer-by.

Together with the agency, DGT Studio forms a virtual communication team. We take the position of digital content specialist to think along and brainstorm about the digital image of the new campaigns.

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