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In 2017, Deutsche Bank decided to equip its Belgian offices with digital information screens. They wanted to make the atmosphere in the office as pleasant and informative as possible for customers.

The various waiting areas and meeting rooms were equipped with various displays. While customers wait, they receive information tailored to their needs about potentially interesting products, current campaigns or investments. This digital communication at the touch point, and the target group-specific relevant content, should lead to more conversion.  It is not about conveying as much information as possible with equal priority. It is about filtering information important to the user.

Customers can interactively request information via the Wall of Solutions. Using “Touch & Go”, customers can take over the digital screen via their smartphone and scroll between the various services and promotions.

Creating the right content through motion design also generates an advantage for the customers.  It creates clarity with regard to the various banking products, which are often difficult to comprehend due to their complexity.

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Content tailored to the customer
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