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In 2019, DGP Media built a new building in Antwerp and equipped it with an outdoor LED screen measuring approximately 15×8.8 metres. DPG Media is a publisher and broadcaster, and until then had no experience with digital signage. Initially the intention was to just reuse existing broadcast content, but it didn’t seem to work. For the first project, Digitopia provides “Content consultancy” to evaluate, adapt and replace the existing content into effective and efficient content with a sufficiently varied schedule: Live news, weather, subtitled trailers, and images about heroes & positivism that passers-by (want to) identify with.


For the second project, working with DPG Media, we looked for a narrowcasting solution for internal communication to all the employees at the different locations. An important arbiter in this project is the integration of UDP video streams. Few Content Management Systems support this, but our Grassfish proposal is certainly the best solution.

In addition, DPG Media clearly indicated they would be responsible for the complete management of the system and back office themselves.

Using Grassfish, we can also link LumApps and Tableau easily so both the intranet and the BI reporting are shown on the digital screens.

DPG Media currently has 150 active licences in use for all locations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Integration UDP video streams
Content strategy for Triple A locations
International context
The customer manages everything himself
Linking existing services and applications to their signs

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