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At the end of December 2012, Digitopia answered JBC’s tender with a completely different concept than initially requested. Barely two months later, the first three stores opened with the new concept, focusing on a full digital experience. The digital kids corners were given a prominent place in the middle of the shops. Other digital screens were strategically placed around the stores to achieve a new customer experience. Digital screens are not new, but extensive segmentation of the content strengthens the various touch points in the store: inform, inspire, convert.

In addition, Digitopia offers complete installation, maintenance, helpdesk and content creation.

During the second phase, we thought about how the online story could be included in the shopping experience. Using an interactive kiosk, the customer has access to the entire online collection. For example, items missing from the store can be found and ordered online… and delivery can either be at home or in the store. In terms of privacy, a conscious choice for a slightly smaller screen was made, a fact most customers are very grateful for.

Digitopia and JBC are in a permanent process of innovation to review the customer journey using the 860 digital experience screens in 124 locations… and always with a focus on being sustainable, affordable and scalable.

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