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Digitopia’s case for goldsmith Huis Pauwels Spaenjers proves innovation does not have to be expensive and complicated. Every 6 to 8 weeks, one or more jewellery designers are invited to exhibit their work in the gallery “Multiple”. Using the “LIFT & LEARN” principle, we combine a digital screen with a custom made digital “trigger”.

An animated screensaver on the digital screen acts as the centrepiece of the gallery. Touching the cube displays more information about the jewels, and the artist will immediately appear on the screen. This saves a considerable amount of time in terms of workload while offering customers a better experience.
Achievable, affordable and scalable is the proven objective that we aim for (and that we achieved here) time and again.

This case was carried out in support of the “Digital transformation of the physical store of the future” research project by Hogeschool PXL.

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