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With the S-LIM project (Smart Limburg), we are consolidating our long experience within cities and municipalities for indoor, outdoor and interactive communication. This allows us to offer all cities and municipalities in Limburg an up-to-date solution in terms of efficient communication with citizens and visitors to the municipality.

This experience results first of all in a clear insight into the needs. Together with the partners and suppliers within the project, we not only have a high quality offer but also the knowledge of all the underlying legislation that applies. From the perspective of total care, we take this overall process from idea to final implementation to ensure that the burden on the employees of the participating municipalities is minimal to nil.

For indoor communication, we are talking about traditional Digital Signage, Touch Applications whether or not powered by sensors, Bluetooth triggers, QR activation and even a complete interactive map that was developed for the province of Limburg.

As far as outdoors is concerned, we can write the same story thanks to our supplier Q-Lite. In concrete terms, this concerns outdoor LED signs, outdoor totems (Touch or not).

To promote the well-being of the people of Limburg, cities must be smart.

A smart city or municipality collects data (e.g. on mobility, environment and climate, energy consumption, etc.) to be able to (re)orient its policy.  With the use of smart digital screens, we can unlock this wealth of information in a very accessible way and offer it to the inhabitants and visitors of a city or municipality.

That is why s-Lim, in cooperation with its Digitopia, is developing ‘Smart Content’ that can be scheduled on the various digital screens, both indoors and outdoors. It contains information about, among other things: climate, environment, health, safety, traffic management, tourism, etc.

In addition, we link the screens to the various applications that the municipalities use on a daily basis, such as: JCC or QMATIC customer guidance, meeting room announcements via TOPDesk or Recreatex, Uit-in-Vlaanderen, BE-Alert integration, etc.

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