Vlaamse Overheid (VAC)

Each level its communication layer

VAC main - Vlaamse Overheid (VAC)

Flemish Government is an important reference to have as a customer. The project came to Digitopia via Proximus and has a step-by-step evolution. We are currently managing 94 screens in 12 locations.

The focus of the project is classic digital signage: informing the own employees and showing visitors the way inside the buildings of the Flemish Government.

The communication mix contains different layers.

– Top-down, the internal communication service communicates in function of all centrally organised actions, activities and initiatives to promote the general internal operation of the Flemish government. For instance, “smart content” is used, whereby content from the Intranet (MS Sharepoint) is automatically pushed through to the digital screens.

– But also the local internal communication per VAC (Vlaams Administratief Center) takes up an important place in the content mix: digital wayfinding for visitors, the menu of the restaurant, announcements of teambuilding within the team, messages from the local facility manager…

– The final piece of the screen communication is the responsibility of the communication managers of the various departments within the Flemish Government who are spread out in the different offices. Via the user-friendly content management system, they communicate to all other locations about their own operations, whereby the projects, actions and initiatives are discussed.

VAC image1 - Vlaamse Overheid (VAC)
VAC image2 - Vlaamse Overheid (VAC)
VAC image3 - Vlaamse Overheid (VAC)
VAC image4 - Vlaamse Overheid (VAC)


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